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After studying in the US and Italy, Megan Rodgers (1973) moved to Chicago to help start a theatre company where she wrote, performed and produced plays, including BOMBS IN THE LADIES' ROOM, her acclaimed one-woman show. She then earned her MFA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where her focus turned to dreams and combining images with text and found objects in various types of sculptural books. Since 2001, she has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Moscow, Chicago, Basel, Torino, Bologna, London, Sofia and Budapest, where her work can also be found in many private collections. 


Recently, she has had the opportunity to create participatory and site-specific installations in Basel including OF WATER AND BODIES (2015), WHAT WE DIDN’T LEAVE BEHIND (2015), UNDER CONSTRUCTION (2016), 22 HOMES for birds dreaming (2017) as well as the large, three-room solo exhibition CREATING HOME (2018) in Moscow’s Schusev Museum. Whether in large installations or in her smaller sculptural book projects, Rodgers’s work combines the written word with found images or unwanted objects. She addresses questions of loss and renewal, of leaving homes and creating new ones.


Besides her own creations and collaborations, she regularly curates art exhibitions of local Swiss and expat artists in Basel and is the mother of two daughters. 

1990-91  Liceo Cantonale di Locarno, Switzerland (AFS exchange)

1991-95  Mount Holyoke College, USA: BA, Theater & Politics

1993-94  Università di Bologna, Italy: Dip. di Arte, Musica e Spettacolo

1996-00  Division 13 Productions, Chicago: Core member of theatre company

2001-03  The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA:  MFA, Studio Art 

2009-11  Schlössli, Aesch, Art curator

2013-16  frontofbicycle, Basel, Exhibition curator & coordinator

2015-20  Centrepoint Basel, Artwall curator

2017-18  a-space artist run gallery Rheinfelden, coordinator

Exhibitions (selection)

2020, Basel Art Center, frontofbicycle,(Basel)

2016 Her door stood open…, frontofbicycle pop-up, (Basel)

2014, JanKossen Gallery, frontofbicycle (Basel)

2010, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, solo (Basel)

 2006  Unter 2000.-, Ausstellungsraum Klingental,  (Basel)

2003, Artwindows, Agnes B., solo, (Chicago)

 2001, Meant to be Touched, TZ Gallery (Chicago) 

2019, What we didn't leave behind, Centrepoint Artwall, solo (Basel)

2021 & 2015, Katapult Gallery, frontofbicycle,(Basel)

2010, BIS Bank Sports Club, CC: The New Yorker, solo show (Basel)

2008, D’une page à l’autre, FABRIKculture (Hégenheim)

2005, How to Get Back Up, Fraction Workspace

2001 Short Cut for Eric Berne with  J. Chen, Gus Lucky’s Gallery (Minneapolis)

Fairs / Museums (selection)

Solo show in the Schusev State Museum

of Architecture, Moscow

7 June - 31 July, 2018

2017 and 2019, with a-space gallery, Art Market Budapest, (Budapest)

2017, with a-space gallery, Set Up Contemporary Art Fair, (Bologna)

2017, with a-space gallery and kunst-

hallekleinbasel, The Others (Torino)

2008, Regionale 9, Ausstellungsraum Klingental at Kunsthalle (Basel) 

2007 Blätter fliegend und gebunden, Galerie Akademia (Sofia, Bulgaria)

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