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mixed media

After years working primarily with her own dream texts, these series emphasize the image and incorporate text from a variety of sources. Found, collaged, ripped up, re-invented: words and images are used to play with misunderstandings and chance as the lessons of the dreaming mind are put into practice. 

Evidence of Vice
In the Jura
IMG_6389 3.JPG
oil painting Jura hills dinosaur
art collage, coffee, chocolate, cigarettes, jewelry, corkstrash art
After Rodin
After Rodin

After Rodin: Here & Now

2016, mixed media after Auguste Rodin with Albert Camus, framed 41 x 34 cm

After Auguste Rodin’s sculpture The Kiss with quote from Albert Camus’s The Plague (“Indeed the here and now had come to mean everything to them”). This piece, along with its many companion pieces repeating the clichéd image of The Kiss, addresses the unending process of how we try to find, maintain, and recapture that feeling of losing ourselves in a kiss, all the while knowing we’re simply repeating familiar patterns. And what is this “romantic” sculpture of Rodin’s? An intertwined Francesca and Paolo, a married woman and her brother-in-law, swept away by emotion and done away with by a crazed husband/brother only to find themselves in the first circle of Dante’s Hell. A print, found after a particularly intense tango lesson, over-painted and altered with the repeated image and text, combines the cardinal sin of lust with the incapacity to think of the future.

CC: The New Yorker
CC The New Yorker

CC: The New Yorker

2008 - 2011, watercolor and carbon paper drawings (19 x 19 cm each) 


CC: The New Yorker is a series of 365 watercolor ‘collages’ with quotes taken from the 50 editions of The New Yorker magazine issued in 2007. Instead of using scissors and glue to make these collages, the words and images are copied by hand using blue carbon paper and accented subtly with watercolors, giving them a cartoon-ish quality. These are literal “carbon copies” -- the “cc: “ that has remained in use in emails even as carbon paper itself has all but disappeared.

Up close
Up Close

Up close/ far away

2009 – ongoing, black felt-tip pen drawings on color inkjet photographs, 10x10cm


These small, surreal landscapes featuring row houses, faces, hooks, ladders, rock piles and chairs are drawn on extreme close-up photographs of plants. The accidental shapes that emerge from the plants’ topographies direct the strange and dreamy drawings. The process is similar to the children’s pastime of seeing animals in the changing shapes of clouds.


 “To see a World in a Grain of Sand 

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower....”William Blake

Alphabet of Desire
Alphabet of Desire

Alphabet of Desire: Book D

 2015, colored pencil


26 pages (each 6 x 6 cm) torn from book “D” from a series of tiny sketch books, each book dedicated to a letter of the alphabet and inspired by The Alphabet of Desire, a volume of poetry by Barbara Hamby. Each page features one word beginning with 'd' and is illustrated with bold shapes in pencil punctuated by subtle colors on textured, handmade paper.