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Site-specific and multi-faceted, these installations address ideas of home and loss of home, permanence and transience and often invite participation from the viewer.

Creating home
Creating home

Creating Home (Steps 1-2-3) 

2018, Schusev State Museum of Architecture, Moscow


The Schusev State Museum of Architecture, located in the heart of Moscow (,

is hosting CREATING HOME (Steps 1-2-3), a solo installation across three large rooms in this villa museum from 7 June to 8 July 2018, concurrently with the World Cup. Inspired both by the architectural drawings displayed at the museum and by her 2015 interactive project with newcomers to Switzerland called WHAT WE DIDN'T LEAVE BEHIND, viewers follow a metaphorical journey creating a new home in a new place. There are three steps to this journey to a new home accompanying 62 small, amorphous figures as they push through a sea of hope-filled balloons, ride a magic carpet of the homes of their dreams, and find themselves in an unfinished city of homes built precariously on the memories and artefacts they brought with them. Materials used: terracotta, latex, ribbon, text, blueprints, cyanotype, cork, paper, felt and original sound.  

22 homes

22 Homes (for birds and bees dreaming)

2017, site-specific, Installed at Camp Basel in Holzpark June 2017 and since July 2017, in the woods at Tosca’s Farm in Aesch, Switzerland.


What makes a house a home? Themes of migration, loss, permanence and transience run through her recent installations. Each bright yellow “birdhouse“ has small, handwritten blue quotes from A Convergence of Birds (fiction based on Joseph Cornell’s artworks) and text from her own dreams of houses and birds recorded in journals. Absurdly and precariously placed atop tall poles along the Rhine River in a fabulously, sunny week of Art Basel 2017. Now left to weather the elements and invite beastly inhabitation and decay while installed for a year in the forest of Tosca’s farm in the countryside outside of Basel.

Pack me up
22 homes + 1

Pack Me Up & Take Me with You

2019, Art Market Budapest

Clay figures in silk-lined wooden boxes

Of water & bodies
Of water & bodies

Of Water & Bodies Easing In

2015 Katapult Galerie / 2017, Holzpark, Basel

We Have Hearts, 2015/2016, dress dummy with sound, chain

Of Water & Bodies Easing In, 2015/2017, bath tub, lettering,     

stones, heating blanket, pillow with interior sound

Pure/Impure, 2015 (edition of 8), carved soap, wood block, 14 x 14 x 8 cm

When Waters Break, 2015, bird cage, ice eggs in metal nest, 80 x 80 x 40 cm

Viewers are invited to lie down in a bathtub full of large, smooth rocks and rest their heads on a pillow which emanates the sound of overlapping voices coaxing them to come into the water. Most viewers describe it as a surprisingly comfortable and relaxing experience that can transport them back in time or to a deeply familiar and all-encompassing place. Here shown as part of Art Basel satellite fair Camp Basel, in residence at Holzpark Klybeck along the Rhein River. Previously exhibited as part of a site-specific, collaborative video installation project with Alvin McIntyre in the vast, stone cellar of Katapult Gallery, Basel, 2015, which also included WE HAVE HEARTS - dress dummy with heart sounds, OF WATER & BODIES EASING IN (bath tub, stones, pillow with original sound), PURE/IMPURE (carved soap, wood), WHEN WATERS BREAK (bird cage, ice eggs in metal nest, mirror, light) with sound by Joseph Clayton Mills and collaborators ( Coming down the steep stairway, viewers were asked to hug the dress dummy to hear the heartbeats emanating from its chest and were invited to get into the bath tub, rest their heads on the pillow, listen to the original sound piece coming from the pillow inviting them to “come in, climb in, wade in” and watch the overhead projected video of water being poured on hands and face in a type of baptism ritual.  Hanging under the stairs in the corner was a large metal bird cage with a wire nest of eggs made of ice. The eggs melted and ‘escaped’ the cage.